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Information and How to Order


Due to a decreasing demand the catalogue of new books and music for guitar and lute will not be updated. We can no longer supply books and music that are not in stock. However, inquiries are always welcome as we still have quite a few items in stock.


The catalogues of antiquarian music will be updated and enquiries as well as orders are welcome! Some of our stock is listed at Bokbörsen.


Our catalogues are sorted in alphabetical order after composer/author. You can search the catalogue of new books and music by category also: RL = Renaissance Lute, BL = Baroque Lute, GU = Guitar, LI = Literature, ME = Methods; OVR = Other items. For completeness sake we have also included University Microfilms Publications in the catalogue, but these (marked UMI) must be ordered directly from UMI. We also sell publications from the Lute Society, but it is much cheaper and more worthwhile to become a member of the society. Contact the secretary Christopher Goodwin for further information.


Prices are in SEK (Swedish Krona), net and subject to changes without notice. Prices do not include Swedish VAT, which is 6 % on books and music, but 25 % on records and CD:s. If you want to know the current price please send an email and we will reply. Total orders below SEK 300 can not be carried out. Postage is additional. We normally send the cheapest way (surface mail). If you want the items sent air mail, please state so. EC customers registered for VAT should submit their registration number with order to avoid Swedish VAT, which is 6 %. For customers outside EC Swedish VAT will not be charged.

Payment preferably with PayPal. You can also pay to my bank account. Please ask for details about IBAN- and BIC-codes. Bank charges will be added. No credit cards are accepted. Prepayment is usually required from new customers.


Delivery time is 1-2 weeks within Europe, depending if you wish delivered by air or surface mail. The easiest way to order or to get more information is to e-mail